Inside TikTok’s Hilarious Parodies Of The Kardashians

At this point, the Kardashians are such a cultural institution that even those of us who’ve never watched their TV shows know all about them anyway.

I, for one, have never seen a single episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or their new Hulu show “The Kardashians.”

Yet I’ve gleaned enough through osmosis— just by, you know, existing in the 21st century — that even I could give a substantive recap of that infamous Season 18 physical fight between Kim and Kourtney back in 2020. (Team Kim, by the way. Always. Forever.)

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If you follow pop culture, the KarJenners are inescapable—and that’s surely part of why the myriad TikTok parodies of their shows have become so widely beloved.

These hilarious send-ups nail the Kardashians’ mannerisms and tropes so perfectly that you don’t even have to know the shows to be in on the joke.

And the creators making them have amassed the TikTok followings to prove it.

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